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Product Information

Advanced Display

SPTextEditor is a syntax sensitive text editor capable of supporting all languages. It can display text in various fonts including both monospaced fonts and proportional fonts. For all other cool features, please read through the following links.
Syntax Highlighting Syntax Highlighting
SPTextEditor supports a customizable and expandable syntax highlighting scheme. The built-in language rule file supports C-like programming languages. You can expand it by adding more language rule files to the text editor language folder.

Split Screen Split Screen
You can split the text editor screen vertically or horizontally by clicking the split button at the left of the horizontal bar or at the top of the vertical bar. You can use the spliter to adjust screen size or merge split screens.

Folder Support Folder Support
Text blocks can be created programmatically, allowing users to fold or unfold text blocks for easy reading. Tooltips are generated automatically for folded blocks. SPTextEditor supports both line-based folding and character-based folding.

Line Marker Line Marker
The line marker allows users to mark paragraphs with five predefined styles: under line, strike line, wave line, dot line and solid block. Each line marker can be assigned with a specific fore color, a background color and a tooltip string.

Bookmark Bookmark
Bookmarks allow users to mark lines with custom icons. A context menu is created automatically when bookmarks are registered. Bookmarks can be grouped so that different bookmarks may overlap on the same text line.

Font Support Font Support
SPTextEditor can display text in various fonts including both monospaced fonts and proportional fonts. Various font styles are also supported. You can specify different font styles for different keywords in your language rule files.

Modification Indicator Modification Indicator
Modified lines and saved changes are displayed in different colors so that users can easily identify line changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickDev Studio a free software?

Yes, QuickDev Studio v0.7 is a free evaluation version (limited to 180 days of usage). Anyone can download the software without registration requirements. If you want to continue your usage after 180 days, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Does QuickDev Studio come with any compiler tools?

No, the QuickDev Studio does not come with any compiler tools. You must setup your existing compiler tools to work with QuickDev Studio. For more information, please refer to your IDE User Guide|Build System|Toolset Manager.

Does QuickDev Studio require a makefile to build the project?

No, the QuickDev Studio provides an easy to use, highly configurable, GUI based build system to replace the functionalities of the makefile.

Does QuickDev Studio support source level debugging?

Yes, the QuickDev Studio comes with a full featured source level debugger capable of debugging multi-core multi-target systems. Using QuickDev Debug Agent, you can perform remote debugging via internet or intranet.

Does QuickDev Studio support ARM/Thumb interworking?

Yes, QuickDev Studio is fully aware of instruction size. The code window is capable of handling both ARM, Thumb and ARM/Thumb mixed modules.

I want to create an add-in for QuickDev Studio, how do I get started?

First you need to contact us and let us know which add-in you want to create so that we can prepare necessary files for you. When you finished your development, send us the assembly for strong name signing.